Make your Natural Hair Grow Faster

Exclusive Natural Hair Program & Hair Routine to Boost the growth of frizzy hair regardless of their texture:

The ideal routine for long, strong and toned hair!

Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, in transition or otherwise ... Discove the Hurry up hair routine!

A routine based on a method that has proven itself on me and that helps me maintain maximum lengths and maximize hairgrowth.

By purchasing this routine, you will receive:

- a video training that will explain how to grow your hair, maximize its growth and boost its growth as well as advice sheets that will complement your training. Among these sheets there will be:

🌼 1 "Napp 'n Welcome" sheet which will present your complete care program

🌼 1 "Napp'n Concept" sheet that will explain how to start your Napp 'in Love hair journey and what things you absolutely need to put in place to get started.

🌼 1 "Napp'n Go" sheet to motivate you to follow your program and answer all your questions

🌼 3 "Napp'n Free " sheets which will explain the care to be given to your hair on a daily basis without having a too restrictive hair routine

🌼 4 "Napp'n Beautiful" sheets where I will share beauty secrets with you

and tips to grow your hair and maintainyour lengths healthier.

🌼 You will also receive 5 "Napp'n Smart" sheets which will explain how to

always get all the benefits of your products and get optimal results.


You will also receive my advices and recommendations for the choice of your hair products. .


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    *Homemade and Handmade Natural Cosmetics Line

    *Best Quality Hair + Lashes + Handmade Lipglosses ( cruelty free )

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