Honey Chocolate Cake 🍯 | Body Scrub + Hair , Lips, Face & Body Mask

🍯🍫🍯🍫 This Delicious Natural & Handmade  Product smells just like a Sweet Honey & Chocolate Cake. 
Perfect for very dry hair and skin. Super heavy, it has a very sticky texture so you can use it as a mask for you hair, lips, face & body. You just have to massage the area of your choice. It contains real grains of sugar and real honey so you can use it just as a Body Scrub to Remove Dead Skin ( under your feet for example or on your knees...)

How to properly use it ?
Massage the body area that you want to nourish. Leave it dry a few minutes,  wash and rinse the area as usual ( use your shampoo or conditioner or face cleanser or body shower) and see how much your hair and skin look super soft and moisturize. 

Honey Chocolate Cake Scrub is from Our New Collection Majestic Grandma Pastry. It’s gonna make you live an unforgettable beauty experience so you absolutely need to get yours !
There is no words to describe how much it smells good ! 🍯🍫🍯🍫